Sunday, March 3, 2013

Discipling students for saving a life?

We are bombarded with advertising to stand up and stop the bullying and stop the violence, so why then were 3 students who saved a fellow students life suspended?  According to this article, Fox4 is reporting that when 2 students were arguing on the bus, one pulled out a loaded revolver and pointed it at point blank range at the other student.  Three fellow students witnessing what was going on quickly jumped into action and tackled the gun wielding student.

The article goes onto say from several witnesses and parents, that the actions of the three students saved one life and likely others.  I cannot figure out why these students have been suspended, there is no reason for it, in fact we should be throwing them a parade.

The suspect's charges also leaving me scratching my head.  He is being charged with possession of a firearm on school property and assault with a deadly weapon WITHOUT intent to kill.  Without?  He had a loaded revolver that he not only threatened to kill a fellow student, but pointed it at him! I just don't get it.

When Fox4 tried to ask the principal questions, she did what everyone else does and quickly sped off without comment.  I would love to hear the superintendent and school board's opinions of this.  What if these were your kids that were suspended, what would you do?

So I ask, how would gun control laws have changed this case?  This gun obviously did not belong to the student, which means he obtained it illegally.  The public does not need to fear the licensed and responsible gun owners, but thugs like this who obtain weapons illegally and intend on using them for evil.

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  1. The problem here is Society. It's the socialist/Communist ideology hard at work. I never would have thought that I would see the day where we would award kindness or good deeds with PUNISHMENT! This is how our government works and because of their ideology it has trickled down to our schools and even our school faculty are knee deep in it! The fact here is the public school system is horrible and needs to just go away. 98% of the students that attend a public school get no discipline at home and get away with whatever they want because mostly it's kids raising kids and well they have to go to school right?

    I thank God everyday that my daughter is not in a public school riding a bus everyday. I'm grateful that I get the opportunity for my wife to drop her off to school and I pick her up. That's the duties of parenting. This nonsense of not having enough time for your kids is complete and utter nonsense.

    These kids are hero's. If it were not for their actions alone, there would be one dead child possibly more. These hero's should still be in school getting an education, and the kid with the gun should have been arrested, put in jail and held there pending a full investigation. Look at the facts, 1) 1 disturbed child. 2) Found access to a .22 caliber handgun 3) No parenting at home.

    When I was a child I took a hunter safety course. I learned the in's and out's about guns and how dangerous they were. IN THE WRONG HANDS! My daughter knows gun safety and I will continue to promote guns in her life. Spring and Summer are coming and my daughter cannot wait to get out there and start shooting. Gonna be a proud moment in my life when I can see this happen.

    Simply put though Dave, society has to change. The complete dumbing down of America has been successfully implemented and we were warned by President Ronald Reagan's Education Secretary that it was going and DID occur. These people running our schools need to be without a job. Since when is it OK to award goodness with punishment? It's not OK.