Friday, February 13, 2015

SeaLife of Michigan review

Yesterday (2/12/15), we took Alex up to SeaLife of Michigan at Great Lakes Crossing.  My review, I think it is mediocre and not worth the hype.  We have been to other aquariums that for the same price or less than $5 more it is a lot more interactive (touch tanks for Rays and Tiger Sharks), had a bigger tunnel, more sea life, and penguins. The other places also provided better customer service and seemed more eager to treat walk up traffic the same as prepaid traffic.  I will most likely not be going back and saving my money for other things (heck I'd gladly pay an admission  for Rainforest Cafe, it seems like a better experience).

One of my biggest gripes was that we just walked up and they said they had to let the prepaid people in first.  So we patiently waited 10 mins, but just as they were about to take us another prepaid walked up and got in first.  I finally just pushed my way up to counter and said you're either taking my money now or I go home. They are also having problems with their website, they said, so even if we tried to buy tickets online while in line there's no guarantee it would have went through.

So my suggestion is enter at your own risk, be patient,  plan on at least 30-60 minutes to get through it, and go with an open mind. Also whether you liked it or not do the exit survey before leaving.