Wednesday, August 26, 2015

2015 Fire Department Open Houses and Displays

Every year, since 1922, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has celebrated National Fire Prevention Week, during the Sunday-Saturday in which October 9th falls.  October 9 is the date the the "Great Chicago Fire" did the most damage, fires also did mass devastation in Peshtigo, Wisconsin and across Michigan.  The NFPA also chooses a theme for the week, this year's theme is "Hear the beep where you sleep."

Fire departments use the month of October to do a variety of public education displays at schools, fire stations, businesses, etc to raise awareness of why fire safety is important and to showcase the equipment they use, answer questions, and let kids (big and small) try out the various equipment.

Most fire department open houses include some sort of demonstration (vehicle extrication, fire attack, rappelling, etc), a variety of emergency vehicles on display, freebies for the kids, etc.  Some of the open houses may include some food (breakfast, hot dogs, cookies, etc), a helicopter, bounce house, and more. Check with your local fire department for more information.

Below is a list of fire department open houses from across the state that I have been able to compile.  If your local FD is not listed, check with them to see if they will be having one.  If you know of one that's not listed feel free to share it with me as well and as time allows I will update the list.  Feel free to share with others.

The list goes in order by date:



Muskegon County - Muskegon Twp - 10/1 6-8 - 1699 Getty


Oakland County - Farmington Hills - 10/2 3-7 - 31455 W. 11 Mile


Oakland County - Huntington Woods - 10/3 430-6 - 12755 W. 11 Mile

Oakland County - Oakland Township - 10/3 12-4 - 1888 N Rochester

Oakland County - Waterford - 10/3 10-2 - 2495 Crescent Lake

Lenawee County - Blissfield - 10/3 11-4 - 299 E. Adrian

Shiawassee County - Owosso - 10/3 9-1 - Home Depot

Macomb County - Utica - 10/3 11-4 - 7609 Auburn

Macomb County - Bruce Twp - 10/3 10-1 - 223 E. Gates

Muskegon County - Moorland Twp - 10/3 12-3 - 12416 Apple

Wayne County - Canton -10/3 10-2 - 1100 S. Canton Center

Wayne County -Dearborn (Melvindale) - 10/3 12-2 - 3160 Oakwood


Washtenaw County - Pittsfield Twp - 10/4 12-3 - 6227 W. Michigan Ave

Macomb County - Sterling Heights - 10/4 11-3 - 12850 15 Mile

Macomb County - St Clair Shores - 10/4 12-3 - 26700 Harper

Macomb County - Macomb Twp - 10/4 12-3 - 47711 North Ave

Macomb County - Washington Twp - 10/4 12-4 - 11300 27 Mile

Macomb County - Armada - 10/4 12-3 - 23175 Armada Center

Wayne County - Grosse Pte Woods - 10/4 12-4 - 20025 Mack Plaza

Genesee County - Argentine Twp - 10/4 10-2 - 9048 Silver Lake

Oakland County - Troy - 10/4 1-4 - All 6 fire stations

Oakland County - Commerce Township - 10/4 12-3 - Richardson Center, 1485 Oakley Park Rd

Oakland County - West Bloomfield Twp - 10/4 12-3 - 4601 Orchard Lake

Oakland County - Rochester Hills - 10/4 12-3 - 1111 Horizon Ct

Saginaw County - Saginaw Twp - 10/4 9-1 - 3211 McCarty


Allegan County - Leighton Twp - 10/5 7-830 - 4451 12th Street (Library)


Muskegon County - Egelston Twp - 10/6 6-8 - 5380 E. Apple

Washtenaw County - Milan - 10/6 6-9 - 45 Wabash

Kent County - Grandville - 10/6 6-8 - 3215 Wilson SW

Oakland County - Orion Twp - 10/6 5-9 - Hollywood Market, 1100 S Lapeer

Ottawa County - Grand Haven Twp - 10/6 - 530-8 - 13250 168th Ave


Van Buren County - Gobles - 10/7 6-9 - 15919 32nd St

Allegan County - Wayland - 10/7 6-8 - 160 W. Superior 


Ottawa County - Spring Lake - 10/8 6-8 - 16681 148th Ave


Oakland County - Rochester Hills - 10/9, 7-9 - Meijer, 3175 S. Rochester - Apparatus Display


Oakland County - Rose Twp - 10/10 1-4 - 280 W Rose Center (North Oakland Sta 3)

Oakland County - Birmingham - 10/10 1-4 - 572 S. Adams

Oakland County - Wixom - 10/10 10-2 - 1345 N. Wixom

Oakland County - Walled Lake - 10/10 10-2 - 1499 E. Maple

Oakland County - Addison Twp - 10/10 10-2 - 4026 Forest

Ottawa County - Grand Haven - 10/10 11-1 - 525 Washington

Eaton County - Hamlin Twp - 10/10 11-4 - 6463 S Clinton Trail

Genesee County - Fenton City - 10/10 12-4 - 205 E. Caroline St

Lapeer County - Metamora - 10/10 10-2 - 730 W Dryden

Manistee County - Manistee - 10/10 11-3 - 281 First St

Osceola County - Reed City - 10/10 12-2 - Roth Street Park

Washtenaw County - Augusta Twp - 10/10 12-4 - 10985 Whitaker

Macomb County - Shelby Twp - 10/10 10-2 - 6345 23 Mile

Grand Traverse County - GTC Metro - 10/10 11-3 - all 5 fire stations (1, 8, 9, 11, and 12)

Washtenaw County - Augusta Twp - 10/10 12-4 - 10985 Whittaker Rd

Wayne County - Dearborn - 10/10 12-2 - 19800 Outer Drive

Wayne County - Brownstown Twp - 10/10 10-3 - Sibley x Telegraph 


Monroe County - Monroe Twp - 10/11 1-4 - 15331 S. Dixie Hwy

Washtenaw County - Manchester - 10/11 1-3 - 275 S Macomb St

Oakland County - Clawson - 10/11 12-3 - 111 Gardner

Oakland County - Hazel Park - 10/11 10-1 - 22830 Russell

Oakland County - Bloomfield Twp - 10/11 12-4 - 4200 S. Telegraph 

Oakland County - Milford - 10/11 11-3 - 325 W. Huron

Oakland County - Rochester - 10/11 12-3 - 277 E. Second

 Livingston County - Brighton - 10/11 10-3 - 616 West Grand River Ave

Macomb County - New Baltimore - 10/11 8-1 - 36535 Green (Pancake Breakfast)


Ottawa County - Ferrysburg - 10/12 6-8 - 601 174th


Muskegon County - Ravenna - 10/13 6-8 - 3770 Blackmer Rd

Clinton County - DeWitt Twp - 10/13 6-8 - 1080 E. Wieland 


Muskegon County - Dalton Twp - 10/14 6-8 - 1650 E. Riley-Thompson

Eaton County - Charlotte - 10/14 630-9 - 911 W. Shepherd


Wayne County - Dearborn Heights - 10/17 10-2 - 1999 N Beech Daly


Washtenaw County - Chelsea - 10/18 12-4 - 200 W Middle St

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Oakland County Fair Public Safety Day 2015

Earlier this year, I was asked by a member of the Oakland County Fair Board to be her vice-chairperson for the public safety day event.  This will be the fair's third attempt at the event.  The first year was geared towards fire department related activities and was great except for lack of participation from most departments in the county.  Last year the event was mostly rained out due to the arena being under water.  I have expressed a desire in the past to help out and volunteer and due to that and the other staff who usually help being pre-occupied with full-time work, I was asked to help run the event.
I'm excited and look forward to this great opportunity to prove what I can do.  So far I've had help from a couple of chiefs circulating the info amongst the various fire and police departments across the county.  I have also emailed a couple of ambulance companies, the Michigan State Police, and utility companies to see if they would be willing and able to participate in some capacity.
Some of my ideas of things I'd like to do that day include, but not limited too:
- static display of current, unique, and antique emergency vehicles
- a K-9 demonstration
- a vehicle extrication demonstration
- booths for agencies to put up displays, brochures, pamphlets, job applications, etc...
- waterball
- Stan Safety the magical fireman
- plastic helmets, sticker badges, etc
- and more, much more
So far I've had phone calls from the DEA and Consumers Energy saying they are highly interested and MSP has already committed to participating.
If you're on an Oakland County FD, PD, or EMS agency, please encourage your agency to be involved.  There will hopefully be some prizes awarded, but most of all you'll be showcasing your agency to the residents of the county and maybe getting some people interested in helping your department.
If you have any ideas of other agencies to contact, or ideas for games, events, and demonstrations or for more info please email me at
Thanks for your time.

*Update 3/13/15*
I have 2 more confirmations:
- Michigan EMS Memorial committee
- Star EMS with ambulance and doing free Blood Pressure checks

*Update 3/18/15*
- Currently working with Kidde for smoke detector donations, Kohl's Cares and DMC for bicycle helmet donations.
- National Weather Service is interested in coming out.
- Bloomfield Twp PD is looking into possibly bringing out their drunk driving simulator goggles.

*Update 3/20/15*
- Beaumont Hospitals is looking at bringing out information from it's Safety City USA display

*Update 3/23/15*
- Southfield PD will at the least be doing a table spot with flyers & applications. They may be bringing a specialized unit as well.

*Update 3/25/15*
Rochester Hills FD has agreed to participate in some form

Friday, February 13, 2015

SeaLife of Michigan review

Yesterday (2/12/15), we took Alex up to SeaLife of Michigan at Great Lakes Crossing.  My review, I think it is mediocre and not worth the hype.  We have been to other aquariums that for the same price or less than $5 more it is a lot more interactive (touch tanks for Rays and Tiger Sharks), had a bigger tunnel, more sea life, and penguins. The other places also provided better customer service and seemed more eager to treat walk up traffic the same as prepaid traffic.  I will most likely not be going back and saving my money for other things (heck I'd gladly pay an admission  for Rainforest Cafe, it seems like a better experience).

One of my biggest gripes was that we just walked up and they said they had to let the prepaid people in first.  So we patiently waited 10 mins, but just as they were about to take us another prepaid walked up and got in first.  I finally just pushed my way up to counter and said you're either taking my money now or I go home. They are also having problems with their website, they said, so even if we tried to buy tickets online while in line there's no guarantee it would have went through.

So my suggestion is enter at your own risk, be patient,  plan on at least 30-60 minutes to get through it, and go with an open mind. Also whether you liked it or not do the exit survey before leaving.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Vote YES to support your local FD/PD

This coming Tuesday, November 4th, many local fire and police departments will be asking their residents to get out and vote yes to support their agencies. There is a good reason you need to vote yes for many of them, but always do your own research and don't just listen to me or them. Some agencies are listed below.
One of the agencies asking you to vote yes is the Rochester Hills Fire Department.  14 years ago the department ran 2 on-duty paramedic firefighters out of 1 station 24 hours a day, they worked in 12 hour shifts. Over the years, they have added personnel and expanded as much as they can.  Unfortunately this is not enough, there have been times where there have been no firefighters available, because of high call volume and they have to call in assistance from surrounding cities. There are days where they run 20+ calls a day. A yes vote will now staff at least 2 firefighter paramedics and 1 firefighter EMT at each of the 5 stations and help with improving the stations to allow firefighters to sleep, shower, etc. at them. The Citizens for a Safer Rochester Hills are looking for volunteers to help them pass out information in the neighborhoods this Saturday, November 1st.  For more information, yard signs, or to volunteer on Saturday please contact them at
Another agency is the Orion Twp Fire Department.  Their millage request is to allow the construction and improvement of stations and the purchase of new equipment.  The big purchase they need to make is for a new ladder truck.  Their current ladder truck is 40 years old and as been through at least 2 departments.  They need to get a newer ladder truck that will have many of the newer safety features to reduce the risk of injury to firefighters, but also that they can rely on to make it to fire scenes. A ladder truck is not only needed if there ever was another fire downtown, but also at other structure fires, and new ones can even be used to aid at water and technical rescue scenes.
Another agency that will be asking its voters for a yes vote is the Oxford Fire Department.  A yes vote for them will allow for extra staffing at the stations.  They get critically low on staffing at times, because of their increased call volume and distance to the local hospitals.
Most fire departments are asking for millages for manpower due to increased call volume.  The only way they can provide adequate protection in the event of an emergency is with safe staffing levels.  If you live in a community like those listed above please not only get out to vote yes, but also check with your local fire department to see how you can help. Many departments are actively hiring paid on-call firefighters to help respond to fires or large incidents, this is an important and much needed role in the community.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bloomfield Twp Open House 2013

This past weekend was the end of National Fire Prevention Week, and it went out with a bang.  The best overall open house we attended this year was Bloomfield Twp. They not only had the fire department open house, but every department for the township participated.

The fire department lit a pan on fire on the stove to simulate a grease fire and show the proper way to put it out and what happens if something goes wrong.  They also did an extrication demo, had tons of information and things for kids to do.  As usual the trucks were on display and they even brought in a UofM Survival Flight helicopter.

The department of public works had 1 vehicle of everything they use on display for kids to check out, had some games for kids to do and even gave rides in a dump truck.

The police department had several vehicles on display including their brand new Ford Interceptor SUV and their BMW motorcycles.  They did a gun range demonstration, had a canine unit available, and even a drunk goggles simulator.

Other township departments were also on hand with flyers and to answer questions you may have.  This was hands down the best open house for families to enjoy over the past week.

Here is a link to some pictures that I took and posted on one of my pages.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Waterford Regional FD Open House 2013

Yesterday, 10/5, Alex and I went to the Waterford Regional FD Open House.  They put on a spectacular show.  First off they had every active Waterford based Engine, Rescue, and Tower there and on display.  This allowed me to get some great pics.

Second they had lots of great activities for the kids.  They had a smoke house there to go in and see how to safely exit a "burning" building.  They put on a puppet show (I'm told it was an award winning show) geared towards preventing kitchen fires, which Alex didn't seem to care about, since there were BRTs (Big Red Trucks) outside.  They had a "burning" house for kids to put out with a real fire hose, firefighting gear for the kids to try on, and even "Ember" a 4 year old Dalmatian owned by one of the firefighters who has become the station mascot.

There was also some demonstrations put on, including an extrication display.  There was hot dogs, chips, cookies, and pop all for free for those in attendance along with your other routine open house giveaways.  They were supposed to have Superior Air-Med 1 stop by, but due to the weather conditions they were grounded.

I have posted a few pics on this blog, but if you would like to see more here is a link to my Facebook page with more pics, just look under the albums for the pics you want to see.

Monday, September 30, 2013

DSO in your community concert series

This past week the DTE Energy Foundation sponsored the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in your community concert series.  The DSO played 4 free concerts in St. Clair Shores, Detroit, Taylor, and Clawson.

My family chose to go see the concert in Clawson at the high school and were very impressed.  The show was spectacular, the crowd was great, and the venue is awesome.

The DSO started out with the Star Spangled Banner and finished up with Stars and Stripes Forever.  In between those patriotic songs they played pieces from Aaron Copeland, Duke Ellington, and music from Star Wars and Indiana Jones.  The conductor was great by giving background on some pieces and even interjecting some humor.

If you ever get the chance to see the DSO whether it be in Detroit, Greenfield Village, or any other number of events they participate in, I highly suggest going to see them.

The only complaints I had were not enough handicapped seating for some of the elderly and no signage outside directing people where to go.  Otherwise this was a great event and I hope that they continue this series of concerts in the future.