Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bloomfield Twp Open House 2013

This past weekend was the end of National Fire Prevention Week, and it went out with a bang.  The best overall open house we attended this year was Bloomfield Twp. They not only had the fire department open house, but every department for the township participated.

The fire department lit a pan on fire on the stove to simulate a grease fire and show the proper way to put it out and what happens if something goes wrong.  They also did an extrication demo, had tons of information and things for kids to do.  As usual the trucks were on display and they even brought in a UofM Survival Flight helicopter.

The department of public works had 1 vehicle of everything they use on display for kids to check out, had some games for kids to do and even gave rides in a dump truck.

The police department had several vehicles on display including their brand new Ford Interceptor SUV and their BMW motorcycles.  They did a gun range demonstration, had a canine unit available, and even a drunk goggles simulator.

Other township departments were also on hand with flyers and to answer questions you may have.  This was hands down the best open house for families to enjoy over the past week.

Here is a link to some pictures that I took and posted on one of my pages.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Waterford Regional FD Open House 2013

Yesterday, 10/5, Alex and I went to the Waterford Regional FD Open House.  They put on a spectacular show.  First off they had every active Waterford based Engine, Rescue, and Tower there and on display.  This allowed me to get some great pics.

Second they had lots of great activities for the kids.  They had a smoke house there to go in and see how to safely exit a "burning" building.  They put on a puppet show (I'm told it was an award winning show) geared towards preventing kitchen fires, which Alex didn't seem to care about, since there were BRTs (Big Red Trucks) outside.  They had a "burning" house for kids to put out with a real fire hose, firefighting gear for the kids to try on, and even "Ember" a 4 year old Dalmatian owned by one of the firefighters who has become the station mascot.

There was also some demonstrations put on, including an extrication display.  There was hot dogs, chips, cookies, and pop all for free for those in attendance along with your other routine open house giveaways.  They were supposed to have Superior Air-Med 1 stop by, but due to the weather conditions they were grounded.

I have posted a few pics on this blog, but if you would like to see more here is a link to my Facebook page with more pics, just look under the albums for the pics you want to see.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Station-4-Photos/144483915759045

Monday, September 30, 2013

DSO in your community concert series

This past week the DTE Energy Foundation sponsored the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in your community concert series.  The DSO played 4 free concerts in St. Clair Shores, Detroit, Taylor, and Clawson.

My family chose to go see the concert in Clawson at the high school and were very impressed.  The show was spectacular, the crowd was great, and the venue is awesome.

The DSO started out with the Star Spangled Banner and finished up with Stars and Stripes Forever.  In between those patriotic songs they played pieces from Aaron Copeland, Duke Ellington, and music from Star Wars and Indiana Jones.  The conductor was great by giving background on some pieces and even interjecting some humor.

If you ever get the chance to see the DSO whether it be in Detroit, Greenfield Village, or any other number of events they participate in, I highly suggest going to see them.

The only complaints I had were not enough handicapped seating for some of the elderly and no signage outside directing people where to go.  Otherwise this was a great event and I hope that they continue this series of concerts in the future.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2013 Detroit Area FD Open Houses

Here is a list of 2013 Metro Detroit area Fire Department open houses events.  If you have any to add feel free to comment.  Aldo feel free to share with others.

-Berkley from 10-2

-Waterford, Crescent Lake Station from 10-2

-Pontiac, Home Depot from 9-12

-Trenton, Station 1 from 11-2

-Huntington Woods starting at 4pm

-Bruce Twp, Twp offices from 10-1

-Troy, All Stations from 1-4

-West Bloomfield Twp, Maple Rd Station from 12-3

-Roseville from 1-4

-Centerline from 10-2

-Rochester from 12-3

-Bloomfield village from 1-230

-Clinton Twp, Romeo Plank station from 12-3

-Sterling Heights, 15 Mile Rd station from 11-3

-Armada Twp from 12-3

-Argentine Twp from 10-4

-Commerce Twp, Richardson Community Senior Center from 12-3

-Oxford, station 1 from 12-4

-Chesterfield Twp, 23 Mile & Baker from 12-3

-Utica from 11-3

-St. Clair Shores, Central Station from 12-4

-Farmington Hills, 11 Mile Rd Station from 3-7

-Rochester Hills, Meijers at Rochester & Auburn starting at 7pm

-Birmingham, Adams Station from1-4

-Allen Park from 11-3

-Gibraltar from 10-1

-Canton, Canton Center Station from 10-3

-NOCFA (Holly & Rose Twps), Rose Center Station from 1-4

-Burton, All Stations from 12-4

-Addison Twp (Oakland), Station 1 from 1-5

-Dearborn Heights, Station 1 from 10-2 

-Garden City from 11-3

-Royal Oak, Downtown Station from 9-???

-Wixom from 10-1

-Clawson from 12-3

-Brighton, Station 1 on Grand River from 10-3

 -Rochester Hills from 12-3 at Station 1 (Livernois), Station 2 (Auburn between John R and Dequindre), and Station 4 (Walton)

-Brighton, Station 1 on Grand River from 10-3

-Bloomfield Twp, Station 1 from 12-4

-Milford from 9-3

-White Lake Twp, Station 1 from 1-4

-Almont breakfast from 8-12, open house from 12-3


-Mt Morris City from 11-3


-Hazel Park from 11-2

Updated: 9/25 to include RHFD 

Updated: 9/28 to include Bloomfield Village, Clinton Twp, Sterling Heights, Dearborn Heights, Addison Twp, Brighton, Bloomfield Twp, Mt Morris City

Updated: 9/30 to include Pontiac, Armada Twp, Argentine Twp, Commerce Twp, and Garden City

Updated: 10/1 to include Trenton

Updated: 10/2 to include Hazel Park, Huntington Woods, Milford, Royal Oak, Oxford, White Lake, Wixom, Almont

Updated: 10/4 to include Utica, St. Clair Shores, Chesterfield Twp, Bruce Twp

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What a trip!

My family recently took one of the good old fashioned style road trips.  We got to see and do lots of incredible things.

We went to several different attractions including zoos, museums, and even a race track.  We hit several cities in the Gulf Coast states including Pensacola, Mobile, and New Orleans.

I plan on going into more details on the specific locations we stopped in future blogs, but until then just know it was fun and a definite area to visit.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Discipling students for saving a life?

We are bombarded with advertising to stand up and stop the bullying and stop the violence, so why then were 3 students who saved a fellow students life suspended?  According to this article, Fox4 is reporting that when 2 students were arguing on the bus, one pulled out a loaded revolver and pointed it at point blank range at the other student.  Three fellow students witnessing what was going on quickly jumped into action and tackled the gun wielding student.

The article goes onto say from several witnesses and parents, that the actions of the three students saved one life and likely others.  I cannot figure out why these students have been suspended, there is no reason for it, in fact we should be throwing them a parade.

The suspect's charges also leaving me scratching my head.  He is being charged with possession of a firearm on school property and assault with a deadly weapon WITHOUT intent to kill.  Without?  He had a loaded revolver that he not only threatened to kill a fellow student, but pointed it at him! I just don't get it.

When Fox4 tried to ask the principal questions, she did what everyone else does and quickly sped off without comment.  I would love to hear the superintendent and school board's opinions of this.  What if these were your kids that were suspended, what would you do?

So I ask, how would gun control laws have changed this case?  This gun obviously did not belong to the student, which means he obtained it illegally.  The public does not need to fear the licensed and responsible gun owners, but thugs like this who obtain weapons illegally and intend on using them for evil.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 year in review

2012 what a roller coaster year it was.  I'm sure I will forget some high points and low points, but here is my brief summary.

The year started out great, in March we went on a vacation to Kansas.  We were able to see many new places including the St. Louis Arch, Titanic exhibit, several zoos, and a TIV ( tornado intercepting vehicle).

In May, Alex and I went to Sterling Heights to see their Memorial Day Parade.  On our way over we picked up my Grandpa and spent the day together.  Looking back I am so glad I chose to do this, because we all had so much fun and my Grandpa really enjoyed hanging out with his Great-Grandson.

Shortly after Memorial Day came a very low point, I got the sad news that my Grandpa had passed away.  The thing is, he was more than a Grandpa, he was a mentor, listeiner, and my best friend.

Then came September, when we had a huge family get together to celebrate Alex's first birthday.  We had a great time and Alex recieved tons of great gifts from everyone.

Shortly after Alex's birthday we loaded up the car and went on a mini vacation to Tennessee.  We love Tennessee, everyone is so nice and friendly there, I dont think I can say one bad thing about the state.  We will retire there one day.

After returning, we had the rush of holidays to close out the year.  All in all 2012 was not too bad, but it definitely does not rank #1.  I want to try and get back into blogging more in 2013, so lets hope this is the start of many posts.  What are some things you want to hear about?