Monday, May 28, 2012

Informational class on K2, bath salts, and spice

Lately we have been hearing more and more stories in the news involving K2, bath salts, and spice.  Sometimes it is involving them being stolen and other times they are linked to murder.

Even though the state legislature currently has a bill being discussed to try and ban these substances, it is still a good idea to know whats involved and how they work.

Alliance Mobile Health, Troy Police Department, Clawson Police Department, and other groups have teamed up to provide an awareness class this Wednesday, May 30th at 630pm at the Troy City Council Chambers located at 500 W. Big Beaver.  Several community members including a judge, doctor, nurse, paramedic, parents of recovering teen addicts, and even recovering teens themselves to discuss their experiences and signs to look for to see if someone you know is using.

I encouage people to attend to learn more about the dangers involved with these substances and how to avoid them.  I have enclosed a pic of the flyer below for more info.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

All you can eat!

The other day, my wife and I were debating on where to eat dinner.  We just got a flyer in the mail for a new buffet that opened up near by, so we decided to give it a try.

The buffet is called "Uptown Buffet" and sits on the North end of the shopping complex located at the Northeast corner of Telegraph & Elizabeth Lake.  The building once was an "Old Country Buffet" but after they closed up the site it sat vacant for a few months.  Eventually, it was bought, renovated, and re-opened.

"Uptown Buffet" consists of mainly a large selection of Chinese food on the buffet with some limited other foods mixed in like macaroni & cheese, ice cream, fried chicken, and salad.  As I said in a previous blog, I do not eat alot of Chinese food, but even I managed to find enough to fill me up.  The prices are very reasonable, we went for dinner and it was $9.99 a person, can't beat that deal.  The service was quick, as soon as you moved a plate to the edge of the table they were cleaning it up and our drinks never got empty.

If you like Chinese food and you happen to be hungry go give them a try.  If you don't have time for a buffet they also have carry-out available.  I would generally post a link to their website, but I do not see one available.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I scream, you scream...

With the warm weather here, I thought I would take a few to tell you about a few great ice cream stands in the area.

First and foremost is my favorite Oakland County stop, its called Dairy Deluxe and is located on southbound Woodward just north of 14 mile.  They open in Feb and close in Nov.  They have soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt in several flavors, along with your sundaes, flurries, and other usual treats.

Next up is the Dairy-O in Clawson on Main just south of 14 Mile.  They were a great spot to go while doing laundry nearby.  The staff is very friendly and they give youth sports teams a discount.

Frosty Boy in Oxford on Burdick west of Washington makes really good flurries and is a staple in the community.  They are usually packed, especially when there are youth baseball and soccer games.

Now these are just a few of my suggestions, I honestly dont think there is such a thing as bad ice cream just bad flavors.  Feel free to share this with friends and family and tell me what are your favorite Oakland County ice cream stops? 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Check this out...

If you are not doing anything today and you are in the Auburn Hills area, take the kids and head to the Auburn Hills Department of Public Services building.  They are located at 1500 Brown Rd and will be having an open house from 9-3.  There will be trucks and equipment on display, educational information and brochures, some hands-on displays, and hot dogs from 1230-3 (while supplies last).  Head on over there see how the equipment is used and other useful information.  Enjoy this beautiful day today.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fire at Kona Grill in Troy

Sad news to report out of Troy, the popular restaurant "Kona Grill" caught fire overnight.  Several firefighters and pieces of apparatus were on scene as the fire was shooting through the roof when they first arrived.

I had the luxury of eating here once with one of my favorite news reporters.  The food and service were both terrific and the menu had something for everyone.  I had always wanted to go back, so I do hope they decide to rebuild.

Kona Grill is/was located at the southeast corner of Big Beaver (16 Mile) & Livernois.  According to the media the fire crews were called out just before 4am and still on the scene after 6am and the fire is under investigation.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Help support the D.I.A.

The Detroit Institute of Arts is in need of help.  They are asking for a tri-county tax, similar to that of the Detroit Zoo that was passed a few years ago.  I have been to the DIA once, and while it was not my cup of tea, it was interesting and I know how valuable it is to others in the community and across the globe. This needs to get supported and passed for several reasons, let me give you some background on the DIA.

The current building was opened in 1927 and has undergone several expansions and renovations over the years.  What is even more impressive is that art has been collected for the DIA since the early 1880's and some were on display in the original building back in 1888.  The DIA is the 2nd largest municipal owned art collection in the United States with over 65,000 works of art.  The DIA has been one of the many groups helping to locate works of art that were looted by the Nazi's before and during World War II and making sure they are returned to the rightful owners.

The tax that they are asking for is vital to help keep the DIA open and operating smoothly for years to come.  The tax if approved would cost the owner of a $100,000 home approximately $10 a year for the next 20 years. They have already cut staff, reduced salaries, and taken other measures to help.  The zoo tax and cobo hall tax were all approved, but we can't bring animals or the auto show to other communities, but the DIA has been bringing art to the communities for temporary displays.  I know we are all in tough times right now, but I feel this is one that needs to be supported and passed just as much as the zoo. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What should happen to Phoenix Center?

The Phoenix Center complex in downtown Pontiac was built in the 1970's as part of the Pontiac Plan.  While there are multiple parts that make up the Phoenix Center, the main section is the parking garage and ampitheater.  The ampitheater, which opened in 2004 and has seating for 6000, has had its share of decent concerts, but also controversy.

In 2004, the Phoenix Center went under a $22 million renovation with assistance from Oakland County on the loan.  The city is still paying off this loan and will do so for approximately the next 15 years.  Now the emergency financial manager is requesting a study to see if the complex is still safe and useable, if not it will come down.

So some questions I have include: if it is unsound, how and why has it deteoriated so quickly after renovations?  Who is going to pay for the demolition and why has it taken so long to be done?  Why was this not one of the first projects?

What I would like to see done if it is not beyond repair, is offer the complex to an entertainment group, like Palace Sports & Entertainment or Olympia Entertainment.  If an entertainment group wants to take it over they can handle all of the operations and management and the city could just take the parking fees.  I think it really lacked decent attention, marketing, and operating when being ran by the city.

I think it could be a win - win situation for everyone involved.  Crowds coming back downtown and filling parking lots, clubs, bars, and restaurants.  The increase in people might lead to more businesses wanting to open and start bringing more life back to the city.  I know there will always be those against it, but if its not too badly damaged, lets give it a shot.