Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 year in review

2012 what a roller coaster year it was.  I'm sure I will forget some high points and low points, but here is my brief summary.

The year started out great, in March we went on a vacation to Kansas.  We were able to see many new places including the St. Louis Arch, Titanic exhibit, several zoos, and a TIV ( tornado intercepting vehicle).

In May, Alex and I went to Sterling Heights to see their Memorial Day Parade.  On our way over we picked up my Grandpa and spent the day together.  Looking back I am so glad I chose to do this, because we all had so much fun and my Grandpa really enjoyed hanging out with his Great-Grandson.

Shortly after Memorial Day came a very low point, I got the sad news that my Grandpa had passed away.  The thing is, he was more than a Grandpa, he was a mentor, listeiner, and my best friend.

Then came September, when we had a huge family get together to celebrate Alex's first birthday.  We had a great time and Alex recieved tons of great gifts from everyone.

Shortly after Alex's birthday we loaded up the car and went on a mini vacation to Tennessee.  We love Tennessee, everyone is so nice and friendly there, I dont think I can say one bad thing about the state.  We will retire there one day.

After returning, we had the rush of holidays to close out the year.  All in all 2012 was not too bad, but it definitely does not rank #1.  I want to try and get back into blogging more in 2013, so lets hope this is the start of many posts.  What are some things you want to hear about?

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