Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sweet Cheez!

First off, I want to apologize for the delay in writing posts, as some of you know I am a new dad and while I knew the job was difficult, I didn't know how challenging it is. So with that out of the way please stick around and keep tuned to my blogs as I attempt to get back on track...

A couple of weeks ago my wife, son, and I went to Great Lakes Crossing in Auburn Hills to stroll around and see whats new, since it had been awhile since we were there last.  Wow I was impressed, there are lots of new stores in there and some of the old ones I enjoyed are no longer there.  All in all it was a great day and very enjoyable.

We decided to grab a bite to eat in the food court, and there were plenty of choices to choose from.  There are your common staples like Taco Bell and Subway and some newer unusual ones like a mobile Yates Cider Mill and a place called Sweet Lorraine's Mac n' Cheez! Kitchen.  This is the place I want to focus on.

I love all comfort food, but especially macaroni and cheese.  This is not your mom's mac & cheese, this is a gourmet mac & cheese place that has tons of choices.  There are combinations such as Pepperoni Pizza, Cheeseburger, and Macho Nacho.  There is a choice of 2 different sizes and I went for the larger size and could not even finish it.  This place is awesome, terrific, wonderful, amazing, etc...  It must have been sent to us from the big food court in Heaven.  If you are trying to be healthy, my wife says the salads are also very good here.

The only downfall is right now there is only the location inside of Great Lakes Crossing, but according to their website there are more locations planned soon for the Metro Detroit area.  So until they start to pop up everywhere, if you are ever in the Auburn Hills area and looking for a great place to eat, head on over to Great Lakes Crossing and check out Sweet Lorraine's.  You can also help spread the word on this gem, by sharing my blog page with all of your friends and family.

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