Monday, February 20, 2012

Angel Kisses Fundraiser

My wife and I had our only child almost 5 months ago.  We were told for years by doctors and specialists that it would most likely never happen.  After several years of trying we finally gave up, we actually started planning lavish vacations like Ireland, Scotland, Walt Disney World, etc...  Well a few weeks later, we  found out my wife was pregnant, so the plans were put on hold.  Nine months later we had a happy, bouncing baby boy named Alex.

While many people like us are fortunate enough to have happy, healthy children some people are not so lucky.  Sometimes parents experience pregnancy or newborn loss, and I can not even begin to imagine how difficult that must be.  When that happens it is great to have a very healthy support system of friends, family members, and others to help you get through the loss.  The other thing that must be a necessity when dealing with this is a kind and caring support staff  at the hospital that can help you out with bedside care and other things.

There is a group called Angel Kisses, that was started by a of Mom that had unfortunately experienced a loss.  As the years went by others have teamed up since the fundraisers began in 2009, and helped fund a bereavement room at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak.  Their mission is to help raise awareness and understanding of pregnancy loss and bring peace and healing to families who have experienced loss.

Angel Kisses will be having a fundraiser this coming Saturday, February 25th, beginning at 2pm and lasting until 8pm.  The fundraiser will be held at Woody's Diner in Royal Oak and will have a 50/50 raffle, silent auction, and a candle-lit moment of silence.  Woody's Diner is located at 208 W. Fifth Ave in Downtown Royal Oak and was generous enough to donate 20% of all food and beverage reciepts to Angel Kisses.  If you are unable to attend donations can be made to:

Angel Kisses
PO Box 1061
Royal Oak, MI 48068-1061

Further information can be found on the Angel Kisses website.


  1. Thanks Dave for posting this! Hope to see you on Saturday!

    Tracy Roberts

  2. Tracy, unfortunately I found out about this fundraiser to late, and am unable to get out of work. Please feel free to share my blog with all your friends & family