Saturday, June 9, 2012

Will the shoes help you sing & dance?

Today, June 9th, Kanye West's Air Yeezy II's go on sale.  The suggested retail price is $245, but one local retailer is expecting to start the price at $1,000.  Burn Rubber in Royal Oak is expecting to get in 8-16 pairs of these shoes, but they are already sold. 

People have been lined up outside the store for about a week now, very willing to pay anything to get these shoes.  I know the price is based on supply and demand and it is really the hype that is making the price go up (like the inital offering of facebook), but this is ridiculous.  Where are these kids getting the money?

I have been reading several articles and watching news stories all week on this and it frustrates me.  I even read one story where a kid paid $400, just to cut in line!  There is even a Mom who relieves her son for an hour so he can go home and shower.  These people are even putting there health at risk by limiting fluid intakes to limit bathroom trips.

I think its sad that either these kids are spending theirs or their parents hard earned money on a pair of shoes, especially in this economy.  I don't get it, will these things improve your singing and dancing?  Will you be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound?

I also blame the retailers, the manufactuer, and others for hyping up these shoes to keep driving the prices up.  I think something needs to be done about this.  I know I can find much better uses for a $1,000 then on a pair of shoes that will eventually end up in the trash or the bottom of the closet.

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  1. It is sad to hear things like this....the only reason people buy things is because they believe it will make them feel better in some way. Frankly, the parents that are participating and supporting this type of outrageous behavior is disturbing. I have no problem with people spending their money on things and if you have the money good for you. However, the problem I have is that is just perpetuates greediness and doesn't teach them the value of money. My parents would have never supported this. I remember when I was young and I wanted a pair of guess mom would only pay a certain amount towards them which she considered reasonable for jeans and I had to pay the difference. I believe I only did this once because I didn't want to blow all my money on jeans! My college years are a different story...but I still learned a hard lesson. All we can do is educate our children and be a good example. There will always be outlandish people doing outlandish things...