Saturday, January 7, 2012

Is the warm winter good or bad?

Today (Friday January 6th), was an awesome day to enjoy!  The temperature rose into the middle 50's, people were out walking around without coats, golfing, taking down the Christmas displays, etc...  While the weather was great for all of us to spend quality time outdoors and start thinking Detroit Tigers baseball is just around the corner, it is not good overall.

Many businesses rely on the cold temperatures, tons of snow, and other related winter time weather conditions to survive.  Not only the ski hills and trails like Mt. Holly in Groveland Twp or Alpine Valley in White Lake Twp, but also your snowplowing companies, Oakland County Parks, and other businesses.

It effects alot in the long run as well, let me explain.  For example, if we don't get alot of snow, then the slopes and lodges are not open, which mean those employees are not getting paid and skiers are not flocking to the areas to not only spend money on the slopes, but also at other local businesses.  As it continues the other area businesses that depend on the increased in traffic, may have to layoff employees or close up, and the cycle keeps going and going and going which will never help improve the local economy.

In a bigger picture, if we dont get alot of snow, then water levels will likely drop, which then means decreased shipping traffic on the Great Lakes, which inturn leads to higher prices for the consumers.  See, so as much as we like the warm spring like days (like today), if they were to continue it means nothing but trouble in the long run.  Now I am not saying, we need feet upon feet of snow, but some would definitely be nice.

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