Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kelsey's Law... a waste

As mostly everybody knows, yesterday, 1/8/13, Gov. Snyder signed Kelsey's Law into the books.  This law makes it illegal for anyone on a graduated level 1 or 2 license to drive and be on their phone.

Personally I think it is a waste of time.  The real focus should be on driving ability.  How many people speed, rapidly change lanes, swerve or veer amongst lanes, dont signal, etc?  There are already ways that law enforcement officials can write citations to distracted driving as well as reasons listed above.  They can write you if they see you or as a result of an accident and they can charge you with reckless, careless, impeding traffic, and others, so why create more laws?

I feel that parents need to be more involved in their kids lives and helping tell them right from wrong.  There are too many kids that think they are entitled to cellphones, game systems, etc and instead of being taught they have to earn them they are just given them.  Many parents today would much rather be their child's friend than a parent and dont take away possessions as a form of discipline.

In Kelsey's case she was an inexperienced driver, talking on her phone and passing vehicles.  While no one will know what happened it sounds like she passed a slower vehicle, over-corrected, crossed the centerline, hit a snowbank, and was then struck by on-coming traffic.  Do we know she was killed because she was distracted?  How do we know?  What's next pasding laws saying teenagers cannot pass traffic?

All in all it should come down to parenting, if you teach your kids values and responsibility, and teach them well they should turn out to be ok.  Way too often people are jyst looking to pass the blame instead of looking at themselves.

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